The core business of HYDREOS is to boost the performance and profits of companies
in Alsace and Lorraine through innovation.

Chiffres clés HYDREOS

HYDREOS is a competitive cluster. It is an organisation that works for its members, who are all involved in the water market in Alsace and Lorraine. Its principal mission is to enhance the performance of the local economic network in all trades related to water. By creating synergies to assist in the development of innovative projects, HYDREOS supports its members in implementing activities favouring sustainable improvements of all kinds that are related to water. The assistance it provides can be collective or tailored to individual companies working with member local authorities and laboratories.

With HYDREOS, unity creates economic strength… and needs-driven innovation.

HYDREOS, a competitiveness cluster

A competitive cluster brings together in a clearly identified territory, and for a given purpose, both small and large companies, research laboratories and educational establishments. It is dedicated to supporting innovation and helping particularly innovative collaborative research and development projects (R&D) to progress. By doing so, it generates growth and creates employment. It focuses on building on the synergies and trust created between those involved through practical cooperation in collaborative and innovative projects.

The aim is to enable the companies involved to take up leading positions in their field, both in France and internationally.
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Le marché de l'eau

The world water market is growing at a rate of 4% to 5%p.a. This is the result of population growth, urbanisation, a rise in material living standards in many countries, and climate change. The incidence of water shortage is increasing and the forecast is that 40% of catchment areas will be in deficit in 2030. This means that both quantitative and qualitative management solutions must be reconsidered. The resulting markets will simultaneously affect the urban habitat, agriculture and industry.

Water-related trades in Alsace and Lorraine

Le marché de l'eau

As regards private companies, the water industry in Alsace and Lorraine is made up of component manufacturers (13,500 jobs in the fields of instrumentation, treatment, equipment for transporting and heating water, together with manufacture of storage and waterproofing equipment), research, advice and engineering companies (2,000 jobs) and other activities (construction: laying of pipe networks, civil engineering for waterworks; laboratory analysis, etc.) It is worth noting that there are 70 distributors of equipment covering France, Africa and the Middle East.

1,500 researchers in a variety of disciplines: hydraulics, hydrogeology, chemistry, process engineering, information technology, calculation, microbiology, ecotoxicology, water ecology, sociology, agronomy, economics, etc.

Specialised initial and continuing education courses (such as the École Nationale du Génie de l’Eau et de l’Environnement de Strasbourg) in water-related trades.

Water Institutions such as the Agence de l'Eau Rhin Meuse (Rhine-Meuse Water Agency), international protection commissions (Rhine, Moselle, Sarre, Meuse), etc.

HYDREOS is active in the following fields

  • Sustainable infrastructures for water
  • Smart water management
  • Wet ecosystems

A history of HYDREOS

HYDREOS was formally recognised as a competitiveness cluster in 2010. Today HYDREOS has:

  • 8 permanent staff
  • 3 project leaders for strategic action areas
  • 55.5 million euros worth of projects financed thanks to HYDREOS
  • 125 members in 2015

The public bodies financing the cluster (central government, the Lorraine Region, the Alsace Region, Strasbourg Urban Community) have once more expressed their confidence in HYDREOS by awarding a new performance contract for 2015-2020.

HYDREOS, making innovation possible

HYDREOS, supporting your innovative ideas

Companies in the water industry

  • Initial assessment of an idea’s potential
  • Setting up a consortium, drawing up the outlines for the programme of work and the budget
  • Creating the project file
  • Handling relations with research and higher education bodies

Manufacturers and local authorities with new ideas about water supply

  • Assessment
  • Advice regarding either a ‘packaged’ or ‘tailor-made’ response by helping to steer an R&D operation
  • Finding suppliers in France or internationally
  • Handling relations with research and higher education bodies

HYDREOS, the keys to the world of water

HYDREOS keeps abreast of developments concerning water

  • Market research
  • Newsletters
  • Themed briefing notes
  • Impression surveys following an event or visit

HYDREOS opens the doors of the water industry through themed working groups, one-day technical courses, afterworks, etc.

HYDREOS, meeting your company’s objectives

  • Improving your company’s performance and competitiveness through support and assistance in developing innovation and technological and economic expertise
  • Accelerating your development at international level through support and strategic, economic, ecological and technological expertise
  • Successfully achieving sustainable water management through support and promotion of actions to improve water quality in your companies and local authorities
  • Developing your skills through support and training for people working for your company