HYDREOS’ mission is to employ high-end solutions to speed up the growth of Eastern France’s companies in the expanding global water markets.

Its aim is to make Eastern France known throughout Europe as a centre of technological resources and skills.


Given its aim to speed up innovation, it is making the collective intelligence of the water industry available to each of its stakeholders, in accordance with the cluster’s own motto: “Together, let’s invent sustainable water management”. As an expert in the water industry and in working together to produce innovation, it acts as a catalyst for collaboration and collective action.

It supports the entire chain of innovation, directly or through specialist partners (equity, capital investment, etc.) It links its members to other networks: regional and national competitive clusters, foreign clusters, national and regional agencies, etc.

HYDREOS’ actions
may be summed up as covering three main areas:

Stages in the action plan

2010-2012: the project factory comes on stream
HYDREOS developed the engineering of innovative projects, which is its core business. The cluster works with the entire process, right from the very first innovative idea to obtaining finance.

2013-2015: structuring
HYDREOS makes available a complete range of services related to innovation, covering innovation itself, business intelligence, the international dimension, skills, financing, etc. The cluster develops a culture of innovation focused on the water industry, publicising results (the Route de l'EAU, etc.) and basing its efforts on regional needs, using tools such as the "innovation territories programme" to facilitate commissioning of innovative products. The cluster boasts over 150 members.

2016-2018: deployment
Most of the cluster's activity will be focused on the international dimension.