Industrial Water User Club

The Industrial Water User Club supports manufacturers in managing their water use. This helps reduce their direct and indirect expenses and prevent water-related risks.

HYDREOS created this club to support manufacturers who consume water, but are not necessarily part of the water sector, in setting up their projects and identifying funding. It supports the emergence and development of innovations and helps establish relationships between water sector actors, researchers and water user manufacturers.


  • Managing process water quality
  • Optimising water process and reducing consumption of water
  • Treatiment of cooling water and steam production
  • Managing/minimising waste
  • Integrated water/energy management
  • Improving effluent quality and thus complying with regulation, etc.

With consumption of 800 billion m³ in 2009 and an estimated 1,500 billion m³ in 2030, industry is the second biggest water consumer in the world after agriculture. Given that access to water is becoming increasingly restricted, water management is a growing concern and even a corporate strategy focus. Innovations are being developed to optimise the water cycle in manufacturing. Some manufacturers are already leading the way in their field and their experience can help others.

Why join the club?

Industrial water users  Water related actors

Industrial water users:

  • Take part in thematic meetings,
  • Gain knowledge and expertise in the sustainable water management field,
  • Receive personalized support in defining your needs/solutions,
  • Meet with other manufacturers to discuss best practices,
  • Enjoy tailor made introductions to specialists (researchers, technology suppliers, etc.),
  • Receive information about technology and innovations to guide your investment decisions,
  • Enjoy personalized support when launching a project: finding partners and identifying funding,
  • Access technical intelligence information.

Membership conditions

Club membership fee (annual rates):

  • Industrial water users: Contact us
  • Water sector actors and researchers: included in Hydreos membership.
  • Taking part in thematic meetings: €80 excl. tax


Join the club! Contact or +33 (0)3 67 10 14 23