The HYDREOS Route de l’eau in Alsace and Lorraine

The HYDREOS Route de l’eau in Alsace and Lorraine

The Route de l’eau is a unique scheme created by HYDREOS. It brings together a number of outstanding sites, which demonstrate the skills and technical excellence of Eastern France’s water industry in Alsace and Lorraine.

Our aim

The Route de l’eau is designed for French and overseas water industry professionals who want to learn from the skills and experience of others, to help carry out their own projects. It acts as a showcase for the professional competence, inventiveness and dynamism of water specialists working in Alsace and Lorraine.
Through a series of themed routes, the scheme allows professionals in the field to present and promote outstanding sites and their achievements.


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Stakeholders in the Route de l’eau

The water sector: With more than 23,000 employees, the sector plays a major role in the area’s economy. It innovates continuously for French and export markets, with the help of the HYDREOS competitive cluster, to create added value and employment.
The water industry: 400 regional water companies are looking for opportunities to expand their business and export
their expertise.
Research, education and training: 1500 specialists in universities and engineering schools are devoted to the progress of
water management.
Regional institutions: they develop investment in the area by encouraging the establishment of new companies and
new research centres.



HYDREOS manages the recruitment of organisations who operate outstanding sites, sets up and runs the selection committee, engineers the Route de l’eau, provides online and off-line communication tools, and organises an annual event.