Selection criteria

The importance of the site in the context of the Alsace and Lorraine areas is the basic criterion for selecting sites. Applications will also be judged in terms of :

  • the number and diversity of players involved (small and medium-sized businesses, researchers, etc.),
  • the extent to which the technical solutions applied are innovative or develop the structures of the industry,
  • whether the application for membership of the Water Route is submitted by an applicant who is a member of HYDREOS,
  • the motivation of the site’s manager and the companies that have been involved, together with the technical feasibility of visits to the site in terms of personal safety and safety of the installation with respect to the site’s suitability to receive persons external to it.

A panel will assess and select applications on the basis of the forms submitted.

How to find information on Route de l’eau sites

Interested professionals can obtain information in several ways:

  • from the paper map showing all the sites and parties involved.
  • on the HYDREOS website ( an interactive map provides site-by-site, detailed technical information (name, location, themes, exemplary features of technical solutions implemented, types of stakeholders involved, arrangements for visiting the site, etc.),
  • site visits managed by HYDREOS on request,
  • contacts through economic development agencies in Alsace and Lorraine.



Deputy director
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