“Zero discharge” surface water treatment for an aeronautics company

The right solution

In 2013, AFIG’EO carried out a complete renovation of the entire water treatment system for the surface treatment lines at the SAFRAN group’s Molsheim factory, including the replacement of the two resin recycling lines. AFIG’EO improved the existing “zero discharge” approach by proposing and installing an eluate treatment system using electro-coagulation and concentration by evaporation, thereby reducing previous destruction costs by 90%.

“The advantage of electro-coagulation is that it is a more ‘compact’ technology and, most importantly, it is much more effective than a physico-chemical process: the sludge produced is extremely dry (dry content in excess of 46%) and its volume is considerably reduced.”

AFIG’EO managed to conduct this modernisation programme without stopping production at the SAFRAN site, by using its own mobile treatment equipment.


Exemplary nature of the approach taken

After carrying out an audit of the existing plant, we agreed with the client a requirements specification for a complete renovation and modernisation of the plant and for improving the process.

Exemplary nature of the technical solutions implemented

Key figures

20 m by 12 m, height and size of industrial premises
Date of start-up: January 2013

Main stakeholder


4 rue des Celtes 68510 Sierentz


Players involved and their roles


Messier Bugatti Dowty