The Visio steering centre based in Thann offers a 360° vision of water services in the whole Eastern region to those of its customers who wish to use such a facility. It brings together different fields of know-how in the same site: planning of work, supervision of installations and store logistics. The new feature offered by Visio is the use of ‘smart’ tools that allow experts to analyse and interpret data in real time.

Exemplary technical solutions:

Suez Environnement, which is an expert of the large water cycle, offers innovative solutions:

  • AQUADVANCED solutions make it possible to monitor the hydraulic behaviour of the network in real time so as to locate and anticipate leaks, and also to control water quality;
  • INFLUX® technology, which allows the smart management of water treatment systems. Rainwater anticipation and management tool populated by weather data.

Summary of the know-how on display on the site

In all, 30 staff work in the Visio centre for the Eastern region.

All the data collected using the different smart solutions are reported in real time to the remote control staff: supervision charts, weather radar view, view of alarms as they appear on the map.

Visio centres guarantee:

  • Improved resource management;
  • Heightened responsiveness thanks to the planning and optimisation of the work of field staff;
  • Greater protection for natural environments thanks to anticipatory expert systems;
  • Greater sharing of data with the local authority.

Key figures

  • Date of commissioning: March 2015
  • 181 customer authorities
  • 8,443Km of networks.
  • 1.5 million inhabitants who benefit from optimised resource management
  • 61,142 remote-read customer meters and 2,200 duty operations
  • 25 million KW/H of green energy produced in our water treatment plants

Main stakeholder

Suez Environnement

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