The LECE is Veolia Eau’s centre for industrial testing and monitoring of the metering equipment used in its network. This equipment, when installed on a large scale, is the basis for smart management of drinking water networks. The LECE has an unparalleled body of feedback on monitoring, compiled into the only such database in the world. The LECE boasts both test benches and expertise with respect to water-meter calibration and monitoring protocols, remote meter reading equipment and network leak location devices. Its activities include work on prototypes, new equipment and equipment already in service. The installations that can be visited are as follows :

  • Calibration bench for water meters in service and expertise in metering technologies: testing of new products, criteria for renewal of meters in service, legal metrology, regulations concerning the monitoring of meters in service and fraud detection.
  • Testing and diagnostic protocols for radio modules fitted to new meters or meters in service and radio equipment forming part of smart networks.
  • Anechoic chamber calibration and testing of acoustic performance of leak locators (prototypes, new equipment and equipment in service) based on assessment of sound propagation in leaking pipes.

Key figures

  • The laboratory’s meter work began in 1976. It has been officially recognised by COFRAC since 1998 and, in 2009, extended its activities to include remote meter reading and acoustic leak localisation.
  • Its activities are conducted in three special laboratories covering an area of 250 sq. m.
  • 7,000 meters (new and in service) were calibrated in 2013.
  • Anechoic chamber and acoustic enclosure for testing leak localisation equipment.

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103 rue aux Arènes, 57003 Metz cedex 1

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