The sewage treatment plant of the Erstein area, equipped with the latest generation of technology, includes a pollution basin, a double-row water channel (two ventilation basins and two clarifiers), a dehydration unit for sludge by centrifuges and a composting platform.

Examples of technical solutions implemented

This station, with the latest generation of technology, proposes several leading innovations:

  • The technique linked to the process with the installation of screw-on air boosters, enabling energy to be saved in the main area it is consumed: ventilation.
  • The management of ventilation with the latest technology sensors (ammonium/nitrates) allows energy consumption to be optimised, and reach an excellent treatment level, particularly for various forms of nitrogen.
  • The treatment of sludge with two centrifuges, with enough power to dehydrate sludge to a dryness level of 21 – 22%.
  • The composting of sludge, which takes place on the station site itself, in a modern and functional composting factory, mixing the sludge with green waste from eco-centres.

Summary of know-how on the site

Working of the plant: a dual-line plant allows the continuity of treatment in the event of major work.
The planted discharge zone created between the discharge point of the plant and the Ill river, which particularly acts as a biotope and creates a wetland with basins of different sizes and depths.

Key figures

Commissioning date: July 2014
Treatment capacity: 33,000 population-equivalents (PE)
Daily volume of waste water treated in dry weather: 5,000 – 6000 m3/day
Daily volume of effluent treated in rainy weather: 16,100 m3/day
Volume of ventilation basins: 2 x 4,000 m3
Surface area of clarifiers: 2 x 634 m²
4,300 kg of raw sludge produced per day at nominal capacity
The annual production of sludge, at nominal capacity, is 825 tonnes of dry matter.

Main stakeholder

Syndicat des Eaux et de l'Assainissement Alsace-Moselle (SDEA)

Espace Européen de l'Entreprise - Schiltigheim - 1 rue de Rome CS10020


Players involved and their roles

Syndicat des Eaux et de l'Assainissement Alsace-Moselle (SDEA) Périmètre du Pays d'Erstein

SDEA - Pôle Etudes - Bureau d'Etudes Epuration

Communes du Pays d'Erstein